General News Tue, 23 Oct 2018

United Cadre Front Tema speaks on way forward for NDC ahead of 2020 elections

As you may know, the UCF is a major stakeholder in the NDC upcoming National Conference. We have immense interest in the activities of the party and for that, we humbly make this suggestion to the party for consideration ahead of the National Delegate Conference and Presidential Race as follows:

We implore on all contestants for the National Election and the Presidential Aspirant to be decorous in their public pronouncement before, during and after the campaign. We think that we are ONE family and what we say to each other in the heat of the campaign may injure the party and be used by our opponents going forward to the 2020 polls. We implore on the party to check the excessive statements and utterances that will further this course.

We are of the strong view that all contestants who may not be successful in their bids should be co-opted into various working committees to serve in the party at various capacities at levels or given governmental positions in the likely effect that, NDC wins the 2020 polls.

The UCF is committed to greater Party Unity. We trust that the collective effort of all individuals, party organs and supporters is what can guarantee victory for NDC come 2020.

We must establish a cogent and coherent Party-Cadre relationship. This may be done through;

Developing an information-link through which situation reporting and intelligence gathering could be channelled directly to the party.

The UCF believed that the party must make a conscious and deliberate effort to highlight all administrative and political weaknesses of the Akuffo Addo led administration and capitalized on same to catapult us to victory come 2020.

Again, we aver, that the party revisit the removal of Mrs. Charlotte Osei from office as Chair Person of Electoral Commissioner. We still believe that the circumstances that led to the removal of Madam Charlotte Osei are unconstitutional, illegal and unlawful. We must note that this whole scheme of the NPP is for rigging purposes, particularly in 2020 elections.

In conclusion, we wish to bring to the party’s attention that, the UCF is putting its house in order, mobilizing old Cadres, recruiting youth into our Front. This we hope and believe that it will help NDC recapture power come 2020.

Source: Myjoyonline.com