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Anticorruption Sme Ghana will observe a general election on December 7, 2020.

Sun, 6 Dec 2020 Source: African Eye Report

An anti-corruption crusader Raphael Godlove Ahenu has called on the electorate to see Monday general elections as a call to duty to save mother Ghana by coming out in their numbers and vote massively against corrupt leaders.

Mr Ahenu who is the Founder and CEO of Global Media Foundation, human rights and anti-corruption media advocacy organization noted that the common enemy that Ghanaians are all fighting against in Ghana is corruption.

He described as worrying the ever-increasing corruption in Ghana which is sinking the image of the country among the international community.

“Corruption is more dangerous than COVID-19, Ebola, Malaria and AIDS and it has killed more people than COVID-19, Ebola, Malaria and AIDS combined.

It has denied millions of people access quality health care, quality education, housing, roads and many more. So fellow citizens let us all join the force to defeat our common enemy called corruption on Monday by voting against corrupt leaders”, he said.

In a statement issued by Global Media Foundation ahead of the elections on Monday, the CEO said corruption is a serious social canker eating deeply into the Ghanaian society.

“We must do a proper examination and assessment of which party, in our opinions, is the most corrupt and proceed to demonstrate a big protest against corruption, saying enough is enough by voting against that party”.

The statement said studies from the Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) published by the African Eye Report on June 19, 2019, revealed that GHc9.6 billion has been stolen from the public purse due to corruption since 2017.

The statement further quoted, Ghana’s anti-graft body, Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), which is Transparency International’s Local Chapter, the report warned that the country “loses close to US$3 billion to corruption annually,” Mr Ahenu described the situation as a “disappointment and failure towards the fight against corruption in the country.”

The statement further called on the security agencies especially the National Security not to repeat the Ayawaso West Wuogon bye-election violence by intimidating, harassing and brutalizing voters during the election day.

The security must maintain but not to harass voters. GLOMEF further urged Ghanaians to vote peacefully to maintain the peace that the country is enjoying since the beginning of the 4th Republic.

Source: African Eye Report
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