You must be lucifer to think Anas' work has not helped Ghanaians - Abbey Pobi

Wed, 16 Jan 2019 Source: rainbowradioonline.com

Experienced football Administrator Abbey Pobi have launched a scattering attack on those who have said the Anas Expose did not help us, and has further described them as Lucifer.

Speaking to Isaac Worlanyo Wallace on Rainbow sports he said its only nation wreckers who will say the Anas expose have not helped the nation.

According to him, football administrators are sabotaging the work of the normalization committee, the normalization committee has not gotten anywhere, they are still struggling to come to terms with with their mandate and therefore need an extension to restructure Ghana football, he said.

He continued that our football was in a dire state for the past thirteen years and six months is not enough for the committee to do magic. We need reforms, change our statutes, there must be transparency and the law must be straight forward, after everything is done then we can go to congress and elect new FA Executives.

When asked if Dr. Kofi Amoah should organize congress and elect new FA Executives he quizzed: ‘’why should we organize elections, Ghana football was destroyed for thirteen years we should put things in place and moreover the public interest committee is not functioning, How many international matches have the teams played, who prepares the budget, we have a problem as a nation. We must take our time to restructure our football but the football Administrators want to destroy the work of the normalization committee.

The normalization committee was appointed by FIFA on the 13th of September 2018 after the Anas Expose. They were given a mandate to run the affairs and corporate with the special taskforce once it has been set up by FIFA,CAF and government of Ghana.

They were also appointed to review the statutes of the GFA and to ensure compliance with the requirement of FIFA and CAF particularly Article 15 of the FIFA Statutes and conduct elections of a GFA executive committee on the basis of the revised GFA Statutes. Their mandate ends on the 31st of march 2019

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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