I have never been interested in married men - Yvonne Nelson fumes

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2020-07-10 08:02:48
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Marketing strategy?

Beautiful Yvonne Nelson is absolutely right...As a norm for senseless Nana Poku (or whatever you call yourself) and his cohorts to always expose their foolishness to the whole world with by-force comments on almost every article on Ghanaweb. Let me break down what intelligent Miss Nelson’s opinion to Opoku (you don’t deserve to add ‘nana’ to your name). Just respect yourself and respect women. Ok !!!!. This lady is advising some of us that “when a married man leaves his wife for you.... you have entered the world of lies....he cheated on his wife and he will cheat on you too”. She’s preaching to those who want to listen that, “God won’t send you someone’s husband. Young ladies, STOP aiding and abetting. If he’s married, LEAVE him” She concluded that, “side chicks are girls who are 18-22. So if you’re over 23 and dating a married man, my friend you’re a hen or a turkey or any grown bird”

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Victim on Jul 10, 2020 08:02
Re: Marketing strategy?