Five immigration officers interdicted for allowing foreigners illegal entry at Aflao

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Comment: True Evil

2020-07-11 06:09:04
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Five immigration officers interdicted for allowing

this how most of you guys in Ghana lie to guys abroad and say I don't have money to do this I don't have money do that but you have money to buy credit on your phones and browse, you have money to buy touch screen phones, you only wants quick ways to make money, in Ghana now you see a lot of obituary with 25 yrs olds and lower. It use to be a time when you see obituary with 65 yrs olds even that people cry that they too young to die. Now look at what is going on in Ghana, young men want quick money doing everything to get there except hard work. And they call it hustle. They quick to compare it to out side Ghana but they would never work 16 hours a day in Ghana hard to make money. They rather work 16hrs outside Ghana and die when they retire. You don't have money to buy anything except the government should also fend for anything. The country that you always quick to compare Ghana to they call it socialism and they frown upon such system. Shame on you for saying you cant afford a mask but you could afford credit on your phone. You cant even afford a homemade mask? This is why the whites see us as animals with no innovation. In china, you either comply or you find yourself with some good beatings where are they now? Super powers with USA, are they democratic? Ghana stop this myopic mentality that make you always want someone to help you or else we shall always be look down upon less of human beings. You should have your own system that conform to how our society function. stop importing systems that don't conform to our society and rather destroy the society because it was imported. Lets make our own period. In those countries that you comparing GHANA TO, you don't disrespect police either or you would be treated accordingly.

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Ghanabaaaa on Jul 11, 2020 06:09