'I'm not happy with my performance at the moment'- Ghana midfielder Emmanuel Lomotey

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Comment: Kwasia

ST. GHFUO: street names, #bldgs
2021-01-05 09:20:21
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'I'm not happy with my performance at the moment'-

Switch to defender. 4 and 5. At most 6. When I watch you play even from wafu you were never a midfielder. In Europe and other most advanced leagues. A player with your height and skillset is always used as a striker or a defender. It will be in your best interest to switch up and learn to play those three positions to save and advance your career. 456....if you don't take my ad ice and you continue to delude yourself into thinking you can play as a midfielder. You will soon be out of contract. Lift metal

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ST. GHFUO: street names, #bldgs on Jan 5, 09:20