Flashback: Not all so-called pastors are true men of God - Bishop Agyinasare

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Comment: Nana Yaw

Stop church buildings everywhere
2021-01-06 08:43:24
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Flashback: Not all so-called pastors are true men

May be you are one of them. Big mega churches don’t make any pastor a man of God. Ghana is slowly allowing churches to occupy lands that should be observed for businesses. The government and the municipal assembly’s should make it mandatory for any church to have a permit to be allowed to build on a land. Ghanaians needs jobs not all these churches in residential areas disturbing the peace of the citizens all the time. In developing countries churches function mostly on Sundays for service. The pastors work for a living so they don’t depend on their congregations. All Ghanaian Pastors preach is tithes and offerings.

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Stop church buildings everywhere on Jan 6, 08:43