Destroy the ‘offending’ textbooks or we drag you to court – V/R chiefs to publishers

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Comment: Go after Authors as well

2021-03-15 20:20:59
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Destroy the ‘offending’ textbooks or we drag y

When they treated us like animals the people of Volta region kept quiet . Even Rawlings just issues a lame statement when soldiers were sent to the region to fight Covid . The nonsense in those text are what the Akans think of us and discus at home . They now feel confident to assault the osyche of kids and move the bigotry into the next generation . Ewe stand up to these bigots for the sake of the pride of our people . When Ewes migrated here, there was no Ghana . We know our history . Let no ignorant fools tell us who we are

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Askeep on Mar 15, 2021 20:20