Destroy the ‘offending’ textbooks or we drag you to court – V/R chiefs to publishers

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Nii Okai
2021-03-15 21:32:23
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Destroy the ‘offending’ textbooks or we drag y

This primitive actions of tribal bigotry that some tribes like to practice is a real recipe for disunity and future unexpected civil war. The two ministers of education NAPO and Adutwum who are both the minister and the deputy respectively are Ashantis and therefore looking at that to happen without showing any concern meant very bad.

If this had happen to Ashantis the whole nation will not be allowed to have peace with Twi speaking radio stations behaving like abnormal people. The behaviour of the Ashantis coupled with the greedy Akyems today raises a question to answer of what do they think about themselves when it comes to Ghana. What they should have in mind is that NO PARTICULAR TRIBE is in majority in Ghana so they should be careful of everything they do in order not to step foolishly on the toes of others.

Being quiet does not mean no power to act or react over funny and stupid manipulations to steer their way to psychological supremacy or dominance. In practice their negative intentions to rewrite Ghana history by portraying others less than them can not work in this present time hence it is not necessary to go there at all. Ghana history is written already therefore there is no need for Nkansah to hide behind those tribes to publish foolish and primitive village minded history to belittle others.

Ghana wants peace and co-existence to promote unity which will be the foundation to stand on to improve our education with English being the means of teaching students in order to achieve excellence in the world comparatively, and not Twi that takes us nowhere that you have been forcing to bring into dominance as a national language.

It is time to move forward with education so stop this primitive village tribalism to spoil good things in Ghana. Your bad initiatives including forcing Twi to be spoken by all should be stopped. Ghana is not a Twi speaking nation for there are many tribes who are equally proud of their languages and their heritage including quality history of their peoples. No wonder the white man saw this primitive, village and tribal bigotry mindset initiative of division that was why the colonialist trained our old people with English.

English today is our great beneficial asset that takes us a long way into every area of importance. English will improve the educational capabilities and as well up grade our students intelligence in order to face the future technological world of today. Finally STRONG English prevalence in our schools will kill all these negative and divisional tribal bigotry mindsets that today intends to destroy our unity and intelligence in every field of life including education.

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Nii Okai on Mar 15, 2021 21:32