NDC race: I’ll run if Mahama doesn’t – Spio

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Comment: Really?

2017-05-10 21:58:03
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NDC race: I’ll run if Mahama doesn’t – Spio

The two put together are as poisonous as poison.

Folks want to be Presidents in their own right but end up always saying they will not run if Mahama is going to run.
44% is what Mahama brought home and so the question is that; have those people realised they cannot even get 44% against Nana or they think they can offer something better than Ammisah-Arthur did?

All those saying they would not run if Mahama did have all disqualified themselves already.
"I am not running if Mahama(the failed)is running" Is the NDC this low or we have been hypnotised.

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Aba on May 10, 2017 21:58