I have not endorsed Mahama for 2020 – Joshua Alabi

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Comment: I am not impressed by prof,s answers no

2017-05-24 17:57:05
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I have not endorsed Mahama for 2020 – Joshua Ala

The NDC can impose John mahama on themselves but Ghanaians to vote for a failure not again,the man is admitting his failures far back in India and you think we should allow him to try his hands on us again?.Prof.Alarbi for me didn't impress me with his andwers,what he should've said was that,I ll contest if Ndc opens up nominations,he doesn't need to know the intentions of anyone before declaring his stance because no matter what Mahama is not going on opposed.Same with Dr Ekow Spio Garbriel he even have a caveat that he ll contest only if mahama fails but for him,I think he want to win through penalty kick,he is eying the vice presidential slot that's why but he should know the Ewes ll not settle for anything less including the GA,s so the earlier he make up his mind the better.Politics is a school on its own and if you don't know how to play the game,you ve to hire the services of positive thinkers to do the work and guide you,go and read the a book tittle Agenda with former president Clinton,s picture on the cover and you ll understand that it takes a lot to plan and carry out an agenda to lead a country,one wrong public statement can send you out of the game in a serious democracy.If you think it's your academic credentials that ll earn you the favour of the masses forget it,that's why a student journalist can ask you a question and it ll send you down.Do you remember when Prof.Mills was ask a simply question that what ll be his relationship with former president Rawlings when he win in the year 2000? he said he ll consult the former president 24/7,at the time people believe he had no child so the question was,how much time ll see spend with his wife let alone Ghanaians?.So prof.Alarbi never think because you re learned no question ll beat you,talk to me,I knew you at ward K tamale.

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xYussif on May 24, 2017 17:57
I am not impressed by prof,s answers no