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Kwesi Ahwoi to contest for NDC flag-bearer position?

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Comment: NDC is doomed.

2017-08-01 01:42:45
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Kwesi Ahwoi to contest for NDC flag-bearer positio

Who will lead this group of disgruntled elements? NDC had one sole aim, to cause havoc on Ghanaians and they have exhibited that senselessness to us during their eight years in office. They dug a hole under our national "pocket" to empty.

They should be labeled as "group of thieves" rather than a political party. As we speak, the year 2020 is years away and they are scrambling as to who will lead them.

Imagine the names popping out like, Mahama a career criminal who after leaving office, is lobbying for Dubai to invest in Namibia knowing very well that it is against our constitution.

Who is Kwesi Ahwoi? What a name. A PNDC leftover looking to come and sit on our neck? Tweakai. He was part of the communist ideologues who helped JJ to destroy our dear nation. They came into office wearing "bathroom slippers" but left in Italian shoes.

No Ghanaian in his/her right mind will love to see this guy to be president. NDC should rather choose Asiedu Nketia to lead them with Akua Donkor as vice because they can be good comedians.

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