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I will report to the CID when I am ready - A Plus

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Comment: A Plus

Baafour Agyemang
2017-09-01 13:49:55
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I will report to the CID when I am ready - A Plus

I am really astonished that you are running away from the police. If you have evidence that these officials are corrupt, what are you waiting for. Remember, opinions do not matter when it comes to the law. Everybody can have an opinion, but it does not constitute evidence. Its really worring that people who think they have money exhibit arrogance, trying to behave as if they are the law. I hope that those you have defame will drag you to court in other to shut you up for ever. Running your mouth does not make you popular. You are not the only person who campaigned for the NPP, your behaviour is distroying the good work the government is doing. If you have the evidence, go to the police. If not, find a way to apologise to these officers. Shut your mouth and don't be over ambitious.

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Baafour Agyemang on Sep 1, 13:49