I will back Mahama in any election – Mahama Ayariga

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Comment: You can even stay in his house who care?

Obiri Yeboah. Lond
2017-10-19 14:46:12
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I will back Mahama into any election – Mahama Ay

Yes, any person on earth wants a fool to play with. Mahamah Ayariga you know that JD Mahamah is a thief and a fool, therefore if you vote him to power you can do your dubious deals and you can steal from the tax payers money without any trials. Ayariga if you care to know your boss Mahamah can never win any elections in Ghana due to bad leadership. The president who encourage stealing in his government.shame .

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Obiri Yeboah. Lond on Oct 19, 2017 14:46
You can even stay in his house who care?