IGP failed to defend me against Ken Agyapong – Former CID Boss

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Comment: Firing of CID boss

Abu Sadat
2017-10-28 01:46:45
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IGP failed to defend me against Ken Agyapong – F

Massa Massa pls stop the hulalabaloo thing u dey do. You have been caught red handed. U were shown in still picture of u and landguards(asafo) with Guns and stuffs. And not once so why complain. Any silly land guard u see at SOWUTUOM and abt to be penalised, he just take his fon out and shout " heh me I will call Oduro" so why won't u be in deep water.

KENNEDY ADJEPONG threatened to release more names of top POLICE OFFICERS who have and still deal with the LANDGUARDS.
1. FORMER REGIONAL COMMANDER, yohdyunu, I don't know if d name is correct

2. Theo, who is related to Kudalor

3. Rose bio Atinga.

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Abu Sadat on Oct 28, 2017 01:46
Firing of CID boss