‘I will expose you if you don't stop conspiring with NDC members’ - Ken Agyapong to GRA Boss

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Comment: How many So called Akans ruled Ghana?

2017-11-13 01:57:37
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Re: ‘I will expose you if you don't stop conspirin

You are the only bastard on this platform the have show illiterate and baboon you are! I am not surprise your NPP party will dump Dr Bawumnya after using him to denigrate his own kin, if this the tangent you the NPP and your followers think! Now with this your unintelligent logic that a northerner became a president and Ghana that was once developed suddenly became a third class country,then tell Ghanaians how many Akans -( this word akan is alien to Ghana but some people want to force enthic groups to belong because of politics and historic distortions) ruled Ghana since independence and we are where we are and you think the so call Akans have done so well that we should hail them?and so is their birth right to rule Ghana?I can see from your write up u are uneducated or you got 'apo, and your an ape.

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ninaba on Nov 13, 2017 01:57
How many So called Akans ruled Ghana?