The State must honour KABA – Atik

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2017-11-26 09:41:24
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That Atik Mohamed always coming out with stupid comments,he is no more even the General Secretary of PNC,he is on suspension.
Do we have to honor every journalist that die a natural death not even in line of duty,what about those who lost their lives in line of duty?

Some of us never even heard of the name before, we don't listen to his program,we are knowing him after his death.

These politicians are making this death like a political platform competing among themselves to see who gets more recognition,some of us are even being turned off due to all these nonsense,they should give us a break.

Everyday someone will come with a stupid suggestion to put government in awkward position just because someone has died.

The radio station he worked for can honor him if they feel he deserved award which may not bring him back anyway.

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CORNEY on Nov 26, 2017 09:41