We have made modest gains - Sports Minister

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Comment: you havent done anything. fuck off

ST. GHFUO, is this the best you can d
2018-03-15 00:29:51
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We have made modest gains - Sports Minister

all u do is talk with fire and brimstone. why are u using tax payers money to develop and build varsity stadiums? these useless university presidents are sitting ducks. cant they app a fee to students tuition for this purpose? cant they invest some of their revenue in equity markets to accomplish this purpose? cant they raise on campus rents, an rates for other on campus business activities like food sellers tc? cant they go for a loan? cant they cut back on staff salaries? cant they engage in private fundraising from corporate gh and alumni? after they have done all this. they can then solicit financial help from the region and the ministry of finance. this is how universities in western nations raise and finance their sporting facilities. they dont leave it up to the govt to finance it 100percent. go n tell these universities to adopt such mechanisms

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