Why Anas' video was shown to Akufo-Addo – Kweku Baako explains

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Comment: akufo addo should step down

Sanjay Abu Dhabi
2018-05-27 04:29:08
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Where’s the special prosecutor

akufo addo $5m, bawumia $3m,nyantakyi $1m, aswnso boakye $ 500,000,, ursula owusu $89m kelnigvg for shadow contract, okay is that what we voted npp for? corruption, loot and share with family and girl friends, our tax monies wasted on family trips to UK,we wont vote npp again till thy kingdom comes, choooooo boi

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Sanjay Abu Dhabi on May 27, 2018 04:29
akufo addo should step down