Why Anas' video was shown to Akufo-Addo – Kweku Baako explains

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Comment: Exposure of video

2018-05-27 14:20:30
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Why Anas' video was shown to Akufo-Addo – Kweku

This reason being given is one of double standard operation. Showing the video to someone who has been linked to a criminal deal for him to respond and deal with one leaking his suppose mode of operation is a reckless move by Anas and his team.
Do you think now that Nyantakyi is at the mercy of the president he will be able to give out evidence to incriminate the president?
Ghanaian journalists are jokers.
They should have rather follow the clue given out by Nyantakyi to investigate the presidency's connection with the claim covertly rather what they did.

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Galileo on May 27, 2018 14:20
Exposure of video