'Anas' meets with Countryman Songo

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Comment: Anas should go to court if he’s clean

Yussif Fuseini
2018-06-02 23:44:12
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'Anas' meets with Countryman Songo

Anas,s pictures ll soon Be pined as long is people know his real fase or faces,can you blame anyone who know Anas trading it for money?you can sell your fellow men for money and blame another for exposing your picture?guess it’s a two way sword now.Ghanains ve kept faith with Anas all this years,as long as he edits his work before going public nobody can claim he 100% right,if his expose captures someone like Kofi Bentil I doubt if Anas ll be bold enough to show it.From now on he should show Ghanaians unedited video and leave the rest for the police to decide which ones re prosecutable before editing and documentary for the records,how much income has Anas that he can acquire all the properties Kennedy Agyapong claims he has?thats the problem of this country in fighting corruption,a person is appointed a deputy minister or a minister and in no time he or she becomes rich and nobody cares how they acquired all those properties when we know how much they re paid,in other jurisdictions that’s what triggers investigations so how can we fight corruption with this mindset?we ever questioned Mr Rawlings how he was funding his children,s education abroad after ruling this country for so many years?we also questioned how Mr Kufour,s son was able to buy a hotel after his father became president.We can’t be hypocrites,this coming forward on Anas is like an arm robber confessing in prison,it’s because his confession ll not ve any effect on him again,Anas must come clean before his end comes,for the first time Mr Baako went to sleep and allowed his boy make a mistake by showing the president a video which did not incriminate him in any way,I don’t think they expected the presidency to wait for the dust of controversies and speculation settle before he reacted,why must Anas hold Ghanaians to al this suspense all this time before showing it if it’s not for sale?

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paa nii on May 31, 2018 16:21
Yussif Fuseini on Jun 2, 23:44
Anas should go to court if he’s clean