NDC grabs $8m from Nyantakyi’s friend for Mahama's 2016 campaign

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Comment: We do have problems in Ghana

Abeeku Mensah
2018-06-05 12:11:59
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NDC grabs $8m from Nyantakyi’s friend for Mahama

We do have problem with honesty, principles and love for country. There is no way of knowing the truth about the alleged accusation against Nyantakyi but suffice to say that there would be no video of even a minute with Nyantakyi if he had not entertained anyone who is not related to the sports industry especially if the person seeking to meet with him is a foreigner. Whether money changed hands or not and or whether there was an agreement of quid pro quo or not why did Nyantakyi deem it necessary to match an alleged bribery scheme that took place under NDC administration, without proof, to be basis for the NPP to receive its share? The underlying problem with this saga or most of the high level bribery and corruption scheme stem from how the NPP and NDC fund their political activities. 99 percent of NPP and NDC party members would not have the money and wherewithal to afford a home much less the expensive cars they drive had it not been for the bribery and corruption that comes with being politicians and or serving in past and current administrations. With their thievery they can afford to donate money to the party to keep party operations going while in the opposition. Would the foot soldiers of the NPP and or NDC be able to donate a monthly fee of 50 Ghana cedis for the upkeep of party activities in every town, district or region? So what this tells me is that our multi-party system has made our politicians immoral, unprincipled and dishonest yet it is the multiparty system that drove the NPP's fore-parent party, matemeho/UP/dumbo party to seek foreign help to overthrow Nkrumah. We have ended up with a corrupt system that keeps 80 percent of the citizens of this country poor and in indentured servitude to ignorant political party bosses.

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Abeeku Mensah on Jun 5, 12:11
We do have problems in Ghana