#Number12: Nyantakyi cannot resign - Mornah

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Comment: Re: WHAT??

Larry Oduro, Adent a
2018-06-08 10:01:03
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Nana, It's really a sorry state that Ghana finds itself. How could a whole Chairman of a political party who thinks he is an advocate for fighting against corruption talk like this? Bernard Morna had cause to fight for Togolese dissidents and possibly he wasn't allowed by the Security Services to use Ghana for his parochial interest, he finds it appropriate to stuck Ghanaians at the back at such crucial moment. And this is the person who was trying to secure the presidential aspirant slot for his party. May the Almighty God have mecry on Ghana. Bernard Norma should bow his head in shame for such a puerile reasoning. And he also calls himself a Lawyer

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Larry Oduro, Adent a on Jun 8, 10:01