I apologise to my family, colleagues and the people of Ghana – Nyantakyi

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Comment: Kwasi Nyantakayi to HELL

2018-06-09 02:14:01
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I apologise to my family, colleagues and the peopl

I agree with Akwasi Asare of U.K., Ghana should strip him of all his PERSONAL properties nd HAUL his Ass straight to jail for no less thn 20 yrs, nd all those who sympathize with Kwasi Nyantakayi may u but in HELL, this Bitch has made himself wealthy thru corruption nd greed, he also has let ghanians totally down, His fucking apology is not accepted, prison term is accepted 'tho, Kwasi Nyantakayi is one big mother fucker, he is laughing his Ass off cos he got away with CRIME, GOD has seen it all nd HELL will be his new home, including the MAHAMA'S, ugly ken Agyapong, Bawumia the stinker nd all who Love bribe, to HELL with y'all

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Queenie on Jun 9, 02:14
Kwasi Nyantakayi to HELL