Prove if you’ve bought me – Anas challenges critics

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2018-06-28 17:55:22
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Prove if you’ve bought me – Anas challenges cr

ANAS are you that stupid. Is this the guy who plays on the emotional of Ghanaians just to sympathise with him. You think we don t know you. You are the one in the video. You said it your own mouth they bought you and you are asking people to prove if they bought you. You use this crude and wicked method and quickly sell your country to BBC and Aljazeera. You sell and disgrace your country to make money. Will the British or Quatar sell their investigations to GTV or UTV. You cheap and stupid fool. You are dangerous as far as national security is concerned. You can video the Flagstaff House or even the Embassies and sell it to ISIS. The way you use criminal means to make money. If you know what is coming you and you ignorant following would have kept quiet. Remember no foreign mission will give you visa now.Yoi are so corrupt and evil there are no words good enough to express the sort of person you are. You play on the uni intelligence and ignorance of majority of Ghanaians. Shame on you . You are a disgrace to journalism and law as professional. What we saw in the video is a different thing altogether. Stop fooling yourself.

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KUWORNU on Jun 28, 2018 17:55