Anas clashes with Kennedy Agyapong at Multimedia

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2018-06-29 05:37:38
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Massa this wasn't any work been carried by anas.. It was real shady negotiation by him with the judge to kill a case and besides the worker who recorded the the shady work was once a trusted friend of anas
And if this so called video has been in the system for decade, and according to u is part of the work been carried by anas to gained the confidence of the people around why didn't he included that video in the judges one? Why mister no know all?
Anas has been caught pants down because he never expected that he ll account for this video and carelessly left it in the hands of the disgruntled staff and baako himself has alluded to it that,the information ken had is coming from a pissed off and cheated staff which goes a long way to confirm that the said video is authentic and a Shady salty deal by anas
Why didnt anas included the said lady judge in the judges video? And ken has been consistent for months that anas trade his projects for the highest bidder and that some crooks are left out the hook if u can pay and this video has vindicated his stances
Again, even if ur theory is true that the conversation was part of his work to gain the confidence of the people around HOW CAN HE PROVE IT IN COURT to convince the judge and the jury that it was part of his investigation knowing that the said lady judge wasn't indicted for taking a bribe? How is he going to prove it because the lady judge was arrested for taken bribe and wasn't even in the judges video too?
He also mentioned the former cid director of taking a huge sum of monies which the man has come to deny! So was anas lying using a whole cid director and in competent court of law lying about a public figure if is established to be true can destroyed your credibility and hence ur case! Ken has the upper hand in this case mark it

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