Thanks for sacking my ‘ex-girlfriend’ Charlotte Osei – Ayariga to Akufo-Addo

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Comment: WHY NDC...because of MAHAMA

2018-07-01 18:23:09
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Thanks for sacking my ‘ex-girlfriend’ Charlott

Why one political party you act as if GHANA our mother belongs to you alone..why are you acting in evil minds always.dont laws guide us in this country,why must it always be you NDC,i dont get you,when mahama remove the NCA chairwoman did you see it wrong..why must it always be you NDC..Listen good GHANA is older than you all and does not be longs to you group of peoples never..if you act foolishly..you will see how we will act against you no one can bring damage and misery to our mother Land GHANA,let country to always come first and be the winner not why you guys wants for your stomachs...

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BANNER on Jul 1, 18:23
WHY NDC...because of MAHAMA