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2018-06-30 09:46:20
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You do not fear death but you hide behind that ridiculous mask, if you do not fear death why the disguise then?

Anas said it is because of the nature of his work that is why he is hiding behind that ridiculous mask. THIS is really not true and idiotic. IS Anas the only Investigative Journalist in the world? We have thousands of investigative Journalists in the world and none walks around with masks. Even investigators that exposed and sent hundreds of dreaded Mafia killers don't walk around in masks.

Even Ghana, Awuni Mannaseh who did real investigation against former President MAHAMA in that Ford expedition bribe does not walk around with a ridiculous disguise. Manasseh did not create his own story by staging a set up but did real investigation on an ongoing story.

So what Anas Aremayaw Anas is telling us is that, the name Anas Aremayaw Anas is not his real name because if that was his real name, a school mate or somebody would have exposed him.

Anas is challenging anybody to go to court if he had ever taking a bribe, how ridiculous is that challenge?

First of all, you are hiding behind a mask so even those people that have ever given you a bribe don't know it is Anas they were given bribe to for favors.

Secondly, you are either recognized by face or name and at this time, nobody knows who you are since you are hiding behind that ridiculous mask and Anas Aremayaw Anas is not your real name so people who have given you a bribe have no clue it was Anas they paid for favors.

Third, you know as a lawyer giving money to somebody to do the wrong thing( that is what bribe paying is meant to do) by itself is a crime and anybody who does that can be prosecuted for a crime. You are clothing yourself in that iron curtain security to show bravado.

Take off that ridiculous mask because nobody will kill you.

Anas, I have a question for you. Since we only recognize you by the masks you wear, do you approach people you are investigating with that mask on? I k ow your answer. YOU DON'T APPROACH PEOPLE YOU ARE INVESTIGATING WITH ANY MASK ON. Neither do you tell them, MY NAME IS ANAS AREMAYAW ANAS.

That being the case, even if I had paid you a bribe for something, I wouldn't know it was Anas I paid money to so your assertion that you have never received a bribe in your life and if anybody has a case against you should go to court is childish, unintelligent and ridiculous.

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SARPONG on Jun 30, 2018 09:46