Anas takes on critics issue-by-issue

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Comment: Why Anas is seeking public sympathy?

2018-06-30 12:45:53
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Kennedy Agyapong Allow us to Breath.

Is not about riches, you idiots don't get it, why that crook is seeking public sympathy now from Radio and TV stations explaining issues upon issues from his critics? Why did he send his case to court and now explaining his side on Radio,? Anas integrity is soil he can acquire public sympathy as he is trying now but he can fool majority wise educated men and women, Everybody support him and his work but for taking bribes as ordinary citizens at their work places is unfortunate, the damage is already done buddy he should rather apologize to entire ghanaians and prepare to go to jail period, with the evidence Ken Agyapong has you think Anas can get out of hook in front of Judges? Only idiots like you think Anas is genuine Angel in Ghana society

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EFO KWAKU CANADA on Jun 30, 2018 12:45
Why Anas is seeking public sympathy?