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I did my best despite relentless plots against my family - Charlotte Osei

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Comment: Stomach Ndebugri

A Disgrace!
2018-07-02 10:29:30
Comment to:
I did my best despite relentless plots against my

Woaw, this man! Ndebugri! Complete nonsense!

* So, the Lamptey decision too was wrong because we don’t have definition of “stated incompetence & misbehaviour”?

* Was it politicians on the Chief Justice Committee?

* Osei herself thought her two deputies ought to be removed under “stated misbehaviour & incompetence” and was behind petitions for action. Was that too wrong? If so, could you please ask Osei to square that with your reasoning?

** I add: let not Ahmadu Sulley’s behaviour go under the radar. This man ILLEGALLY transferred votes and lied about that (presumably under oath!). He belongs to jail!

** Is it true that this woman was on speed dial to Mahama during the vote tally when all knew that he had lost. Is is true that she declined to declare the Akuffo Addo winner at a time when the margin of counted vote difference in favour of Akuffo Addo was far more than the number of votes yet to be counted and yet she declined to declare Akuffo Addo as winner contrary to EC precedent? That must say something about her.

** I add: I condemn any threats to Osei and her family, but what has that got to do with the behaviour that got her removed???

** I add: NDC thought the other opposition parties would support their nonsensical “arguments. Please with Hassan Ayariga, Papa Kwesi Ndoum, etc whether their this woman has not committed stated misbehaviour & incompetence.

*** I really add: Did the Late Truly Honourable Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur state that NDC looting instinct was too much for him to bear? Disaster!! At least we do know that he wasn’t involved in the loot master’s Disunity Marches.

** Ndebugri, we don’t need to know whether or not you cried. We only need to know whether you are making sense and whether you are being fair & honest. You are not!

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A Disgrace! on Jul 2, 10:29
Stomach Ndebugri