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NDC boy chases 2 Electoral Commission Deputies

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Comment: Never reinstate this sacked commissioner

Yussif Fuseini
2018-07-05 12:15:26
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NDC boy chases 2 Electoral Commission Deputies

Has anybody care to ask Charlotte Osei what actions she took when she was told Amadu Sule transfered voters illegally?was it enough to just ask the STL to stop carrying out her deputy,s or she applied official sanctions to him?on which political party orders or interest did Amadu Sule do the transfers?indeed this matter should not end at the committee stage and findings,the 3 ex commissioner must face the law.Can you imagine allowing them to go back to EC and someone decides to take them to court on the bases of stealing and breaches of the PPA?how can we trust them especially Amadu Sule not to engage in future misbehavior all to push one political party the ndc above other party’s?we re just jokers in this country,we only talk without thinking,reading politics into everything and our politicians re taking advantage of our ignorance and blind support to them and stealing our money,has Charlotte Osei or any of her deputies denied the charges held against them by the committee?why re they hiding behind the method used to remove them?i would’ve thought they ll deny that they never awarded contracts to the high amount coated against them which was suppose to pass PPA scrutiny.And here we re defending this thieves.

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Yussif Fuseini on Jul 5, 12:15
Never reinstate this sacked commissioner