I value education but success is possible even for dropouts like me - Ibrahim Mahama

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Comment: Re: The youth should learn from Ibrahim !

2018-07-07 11:07:49
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The youth should learn from Ibrahim !

No any award for any Ashanti monkeys. You people can go and die.Where are the Ashanti's when Kennedy Agyeapong is fighting with Ana's. Can't any Ashanti come out in Ghana one day and behave like a man.Kwame Nkrumah did it,Rawlings did it,and now Kennedy Agyeapong is doing with Ana's.Are the Ashanti's always referees or spectators in Ghana?. What they know is only insult and hatred.God has already blessed Mahama and his family.What then you a poor man washing toilet in Europe for 600 euros a month can write on this cheap platform to change things.

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Zagarolo on Jul 7, 11:07
Re: The youth should learn from Ibrahim !