I value education but success is possible even for dropouts like me - Ibrahim Mahama

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Comment: mumu person from shithole region.

Jeffrey Daniels
2018-07-08 00:23:03
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Re: The youth should learn from Ibrahim !

Dude zagarolo your name alone sounds like a stupid hyena,what's has Ashantis got to do with the article here.you're happy because Britain has awarded Ibrahim mahama a thievery certificate why not they even awarded kotoka a bronze medal for overthrowing Dr Nkrumah so what it's so especial, go to central London and see who are buying the expensive houses over there mostly corrupt leaders from Africa. Ask yourself if British would reward any business person who will invade taxes for two years in UK. ..you're such a damn person or do you think Dr Kwame Nkrumah was from your tribe or you don't no he was from the Akan tribes. Why are you desperate to attack Ashantis or do you think Ken Agyapong is an Ashanti hahaha ofui the more you attack the Ashantis the more Yeshua keep blessing them check your region and compare to the Ashanti region.my friend get lost and fine something to do to help your poor tribal people and stop wasting our precious time with your useless a wanna be ...

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Jeffrey Daniels on Jul 8, 00:23
mumu person from shithole region.