$12m EC Bribe: Akufo-Addo petitioned to probe, sack Dadzawa

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Comment: Why Ghana?cant we think & do right?

Yussif Fuseini
2018-07-09 18:43:28
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$12m EC Bribe: Akufo-Addo petitioned to probe, sac

I agree with this group 100%,as we seek prosecutions for the sacked former commissioners including the EC boss,we must also seek to remove all those who ve sweared oats of secrecy to their high office,nothing stopped the aforementioned commissioner to report the matter to the police with the information she had.I also heard EC staff congratulate the president for acting on the petition but one thing is missing here,does the EC ve a workers union?because this would’ve situated well with me if it was coming from a union group of the EC as this act ll open the way for victimizations against those leading this action.We must strengthen institutions with union body’s to fight internal wrongs,the petition that ended up removing the former commissioners would’ve been more accessible if it came from a union within the EC though not wrong,Ghana is bleeding through corruption of various institutions of state.There,s too much corruption in Ghana and this ll continue if we don’t solve housing problems and food,we must enforce the laws,fuel stations be adjusted their pumps and cheating unsuspecting customers whiles Ghana standards authority watch.

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Yussif Fuseini on Jul 9, 18:43
Why Ghana?cant we think & do right?