Anas to release video on illegal child beggars in August

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Comment: The forgotten children need us

Last warrior
2018-07-29 15:04:50
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Anas to release video on illegal child beggars in

Some Ghanaians thinking has become politically crippled because they believe in these political leaders and pastors that even when they see and know the truth they allow their animal thinking take over,fact what ever people see ANAS it’s very true what he shows happening in Ghana so I wonder why people reasoning can be swayed towards wicked reasoning,I ask is it not true that there are lots these children on the street?so what’s this foolishness of some Ghanaians we don’t care if you don’t care some of as care about what’s happening with these kids and we pray this time the president would do something about it and set help line for the public to ring so these children can get help from the right orphanage which that’s another place the government must look into because people set a lot of these charities and the money never get to the right people who need it.

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The forgotten children need us
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