Anas to release video on illegal child beggars in August

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Comment: Recruiting one million Ashanti’s

No more Zongo’s
2018-07-29 15:34:38
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Anas to release video on illegal child beggars in

As part of taking back control of our region besieged by Zongo’s (Northern Nigerians, Burkina, Malians) We urgently need Ashanti youth in areas like Tafo, Aboaso, Ahwiaa, pankrono, Mamponteng and surroundings to register with us. there is systematic agenda to turn Kumasi to one big Zongo and we need to fight back. Ahwiaa zongo, Tafo Zongo, Asawase, Asokore Mampong, Aboabo, Akwatia line, Sepe Tinbom, Ayigya, Moshie Zongo etc.. is spreading every corner of our once beautiful region. In the next 20 years it is likely the region will be taking over by Zongo’s, therefore I edge all Ashanti’s to join our group on Facebook. We can’t be minority in our own Land, we need to take control. Don’t forget when they beat and slap Tafo chief but nothing was done, we need to start this important operation, Any chief caught selling lands to Zongo’s will be in serious trouble to send a message to the unpatriotic once. Long live Ashanti Kingdom

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Recruiting one million Ashanti’s
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