Anas to release video on illegal child beggars in August

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Comment: patient counts sooo much

Sirr Gee
2018-07-29 23:36:26
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Anas to release video on illegal child beggars in

Why are ghanaians like this? Very impatient generation,condeming,knowlegde lacking generation.wy are we jumping to conclude on what Anas is saying?even if one doesn't agree with him,wy all these insults?tihis video could even show someone u might know or even could be yor relation.we should be careful,this generation has grown horns n wings toooo much.Allow Anas to show the video then,we can come out with our judgement.Very unfortunate comments from ghanaians

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BLACK JESUS on Jul 29, 2018 14:34
Nana kwaku on Jul 29, 2018 14:41
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Sirr Gee on Jul 29, 2018 23:36
patient counts sooo much
Jonathan on Jul 30, 2018 01:15