Anas to release video on illegal child beggars in August

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Comment: That’s the cost of democracy

The Emperor
2018-07-30 00:05:28
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patient counts sooo much

Sad to say we are fit for civilization! Democracy and modernization which many ar grateful to be party of has given us rare opportunity to showcase the world how primitive, backwards, and little minded we are. Any one who want to do research into why we are so blessed yet so cursed simply need to come to ghanaweb and read the comments and s/he would produce a masterpiece! Sad but real!!

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BLACK JESUS on Jul 29, 2018 14:34
Nana kwaku on Jul 29, 2018 14:41
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The Emperor on Jul 30, 2018 00:05
That’s the cost of democracy
Jonathan on Jul 30, 2018 01:15