Anas to release video on illegal child beggars in August

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Comment: Many people are suffering today

Haamid A. AQUIL
2018-07-30 18:03:18
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Anas to release video on illegal child beggars in

Women and children are suffering all over the world now. The Imperial powers being led by the U.
S. and their allies are at the base of all this human suffering. People are suffering even in the U. S.. Women are having children and the men are leaving them to bear the burden because they are not able to earn a living wage so that they can be responsible husbands and fathers. One article that I read here in Ghana's daily Graphic describes these constant problems to be continuing because the constitution, the culture, and the church need to be changed. I agree with him because it's the same in America. This is an Autocratic System and it was established by Europeans for control. It is intended to have an underclass that suffers while the masses stay divided and poor. As long as the rich can provide for their families they can tolerate such suffering comfortably. The men, women and children are all victims!!!

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Many people are suffering today