My mandate is clear, sensitisation key to battling filth – Cecilia Dapaah

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Comment: Sensitization is key?

2018-08-11 10:36:55
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My mandate is clear, sensitisation key to battling

If sensitization is the key, then you have already lost the battle. Sensitization not backed by enforcement!!! I believe the minister knows about the "samasama" days. Since that was abondoned for IEC, and other forms of sensitization, what progress has been made? Ghanaians are well sensitized, very much aware of environmental sanitation issues. Don't give money to phony companies, politically coloured groups, programs, modules, to waste time and money on expensive bill boards, radio and television talks, etc., all in the name of sensitization. Provide the enabling factors (facilities), backed by effective and continuous enforcement in the long term (not for short term political gains). You want more advice....? Think Ghana, not politics, not party....

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Cheers on Aug 11, 2018 10:36
Sensitization is key?