I received only GHC8k for 2016 campaigns - Allotey Jacobs

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Comment: Allotey! Allotey!! Allotey!!!

2018-08-25 14:31:26
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I received only GHC8k for 2016 campaigns - Allotey

Allotey, I have known you since 1980, since then you have been a pastor who owned a church, a poultry farmer, a juju man and eventually into politics in 1992 when you joined the NCP. Where money is involved you are capable of selling your soul. You know the central region would not have voted for you if you had gone for a second term, not even with your juju man you brought from the north the last time. By the way was it human sacrifice or cow sacrifice you did to win your regional chairmanship position? If you have collected or preparing to collect money to defect just go straight and do it. After all you did not start in 1992 as an NDC. Any influence you have in the NDC will end soon after the upcoming regional elections, and you know that.

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Bulanga on Aug 25, 2018 14:31
Allotey! Allotey!! Allotey!!!