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Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi endorses Mahama for 2020

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2018-09-28 20:22:21
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Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi endorses Mahama for 2020

This Dumsor guy who went to bring as many Guantamoans as he could to inject Mother Ghana with their virus without declaring the huge millions he was paid for the Prisoners.
The One who detests education so much that he detests the basic free education going on right now

And WHAT do Ghanaian see a so called Ghanaian educator i don t want to give him the title professor I KNOW in ghana we pamper educated fools i dont fall for that since his or her name does not even sound neat

ANOTHER question i have is have political Campaigns started in Ghana? iF NOT Amidu should arrest Mahama at once and give him to the BNI for questioning

Mahama should be defending himself to Amidu by now on crimes against himself and monies he s been siphoning to his son in Dubai.
He said he was a DEAD GOAT so what is he then looking for in the land of the non dead
And I heard that after the 2016 Elections Nana decreed and Major Funerals were held on his behalf for a historical loss
Being a Dead Goat which is the first death. Funerals for you after the Elections which was the 2nd Death Now you desire a Catastrophic loss as a third death.

You came in as an Accidental President but your behavior does not really show that
I think the early Campaign is an attempt to outsmart Amidu.

But there is nothing a Communication Major ( a lazy Program anyway) from wherever it maybe do TO OUTSMART one of the Smartest fmr ex Attorney Generals like Honorable Toughest Attorney in recent memory JK Amidu

Keep some of your stolen money You wll need it after after your upcoming last death
' A word to THE WISE IS IN THE NORTH (ie the old Northern Region) THANK YOU

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JAPHET DUMSOR on Sep 28, 2018 20:22