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Show outcome of government’s investigation into Anas’ number 12 – NDC

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Comment: Respect is earned, not bought

2018-10-31 16:13:02
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Respect is earned, not bought. Somewhere in 2016 when one journalist Manaseh wrote that John Mahama took bribe members of his party NDC did not insult members of the opposition who raised issues about the gift of the Ford vehicle to John Mahama.
A member of NPP took John Mahama to court and he went there to defend himself.
What CHRAJ said was that John Mahama did not pay tax or gift tax on the vehicle. Presidents or ex-presidents by the 1992 Constitution of Ghana don't pay tax for a gift they receive on behalf of the state. Minister, First Ladies, District Chief Executives and heads of department don't pay tax on whatever gift they receive on behalf their ministries, none-governmental organizations, departments and districts.
So how come that John Mahama then the president of Ghana was asked why he did not pay tax on a vehicle he received on behalf of the state.

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Kwame on Oct 31, 2018 16:13
Respect is earned, not bought