I don’t want to see Nyantakyi’s face - Anas

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Comment: Anas the hero

2018-11-26 11:34:32
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I don’t want to see Nyantakyi’s face - Anas

More fire my man. Corruption is deep in our bodies and minds to such an extent that anyone willing to fight corruption becomes an enemy. People are burnt on killing you but sensible people will pray for you. You deserve to live and continue your good works for mother Ghana and Africa in general. Let's all change for the betterment of Ghana.
Anas is not an enemy to the state. Bro Anas mind you, fighting corruption will cause you to go through torturing, ex-communication, affliction, rejection and suffering so be tough in your mind and be prepared to die for what you stands for. All will die for what they stand for. God bless Anas and Ghana, my mother land

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Gabby on Nov 26, 2018 11:34