I personally warned Ahmed Suale 3 months ago - Islamic preacher

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Comment: what evidence do you have aganist anas

2019-01-20 22:58:15
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Re: I personally warned Ahmed Suale 3 months ago -

Only evil people like Kennedy Agyepong and his followers want Anas investigated. what evidence do you have that Anas is involved? Kennedy Agypeong threatened the guy and exposed his identity on his TV station, offering reward for anybody who will hurt the Ahmed Suale. murder is the aftermath. on the other hand you people are calling Anas to be arrested. for what reason? in any civilized society Kennedy Agyepong will be behind bars waiting until investigations are complete. Instead of you fighting for justice you are accusing Anas like the foolish Agyepong without any evidence. I feel sorry for Ghana . it is filled with low IQ people and people with tribal vendetta on their minds. the future does not look bright for this country no matter what some people say. you have a whole president who refuse to disband vigilante groups despite their criminal activities. Lawlessness is brewing and people like you would rather see Ghana burn before justice is served

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Kotey on Jan 20, 2019 22:58
what evidence do you have aganist anas
Muhammad luqman on Jan 21, 2019 00:18
Kwame Moro on Jan 21, 2019 14:50