I personally warned Ahmed Suale 3 months ago - Islamic preacher

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Comment: Be vigilant

Anointed One
2019-01-20 23:43:42
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Re: I personally warned Ahmed Suale 3 months ago -

According to the relatives they suspected two strangers in the area and wanted to confront them but none of them was able to take a picture with a phone. Most of them are pointing hands on Ken Agyapong. Did any of those two guys looks like Ken Agyapong? Ahmed was a quiet person with lots of smart enemies like the Judges, Kwasi Nyantekyi, and the Tiger eye ( his own group). The real suspect is happy because you got the opportunity to take pictures of the two suspects and you didn't and now suspecting an innocent person because of his previous comments. If I were you I would have one accord with Ken Agyapong to assist the investigators with respect. Ken talks a lot but he is a good person and innocent.

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