Court orders MTN to produce Ayariga’s audio chat as Amidu pursues him

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Comment: Re: Court orders MTN to produce Ayariga’s audio ch

2019-01-23 22:15:51
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Court orders MTN to produce Ayariga’s audio chat

I urge everyone using MTN chips to immediately discontinued use of any MTN products should MTN obeys this useless court order, where is our privacy & Protection MTN?, can any individuals also request the court to order MTN to also make available the special prosecutor lines conversation records available to the same court for Ghanaians to know his motivated groups regarding his office.
The president has his privacy like any of us in this country and if this how we went it, very soon peoples personal communication would blows this country because this that are said and done in privacy are privileged to the parties involved and not to any no matter's what.
Very soon music & sound as well as videos of everyone in ghana would be available thru out social media platforms. Let SP start it and next would be all communication of high and lowest profile persons in this Ghana would be available for all to hear and watches including all state secretes.
If the SP & the court thinks targeting NDC, we all heading towards serious danger because humans working at MTN are not only NPP family members and same other tecos as well. Let the game starts SP.
If EC network was hack then no one safe as MTN network also can be compromise by those in known of it's techniques.
State secret is as danger as soon this order of MTN is cleared because records dey basaabasa. One day we all would wake up and hear things that would cause this nation of no return.
This what hate can cause a nation let us destroy ourselves with this political vengeance.
Today NPP is in power therefore no wrong, when the table turns into NDC, let same court grants such request.

We are all setting a bad fire to consumes this nation. Laugh because is being done to NDC fellow.

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Olontoyuo on Jan 23, 2019 22:15
Re: Court orders MTN to produce Ayariga’s audio ch