Ahmed's Murder: 'Enough of the blame games and gossips' – Allotey Jacobs

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Comment: Alotey u are Rightoooo!

owusu ansah
2019-01-24 17:26:53
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Ahmed's Murder: 'Enough of the blame games and gos

I sincerely wants all Ghanians to go to ghanaweb, or google Dec. 4th 2015, and see who was wanted there. the see what this so call Lawyer Kissi Agyabeng did.This guy is a gunster, not a lawyer.
I guess there is a kind of gangster action, sweeping across the nation, of which we need to open our eyes very clear. These Guys goes around and commit this kind of offensive actions, deadly, and round it up with some thing that would throw every investigation out of gear. just imagine the killing of the Tiger eye P1 guy, which was immediately tired to Kennedy Agyapong. Isn't is ugly? again on this same case see how a group of organized people are trying to sue Kennedy Agyapong, soon as tiger Eye P1 group accused him of public sizing their boy.
i guess the police had to be on top of things. There is a kind of organized crime sweeping across the country.let me take this opportunity to remind all about one thing Kennedy said about this Tiger Eye P1 group. he said "if Ghana don't stop the actions of this group, there is going to be a time he would tell all Ghanaians to sleep at 6pm, and all shall comprehend to that". Ghana open your eyes, to the so call Tiger eye P1. just imagine what their so call Lawyer did even while in the court house on the Dec. 4t or 5th 2015. just google that, and you shall see.

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owusu ansah on Jan 24, 2019 17:26
Alotey u are Rightoooo!