Kotoko fans, Club PRO shockingly heap blames on Anas for Hilal draw

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Comment: U guys know nothing in football

A proud gunner
2019-03-12 10:11:05
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Kotoko fans, Club PRO shockingly heap blames on An

Some of u guys don't know anything in football and yet u want to discuss football related issues. I am not a Kotoko fan but I think what the fans are saying is true. Referees are now scared to even favor a Ghanaian team because of Anas. On any day, that penalty could have been awarded to Kotoko. Again our ladies didn't make it to the semis at the Woman Afcon hosted by Ghana because we were rubbed at our own backyard all because of the Anas factor. If u people think that there's no kululu in football, then u better go and follow tennis. football is full of mafias because it's
serious business so u can't run football successfully without being a mafia. Even the betting companies have a way of influencing high profile matches so what are u guys talking about? Do u think Real Madrid won the Champions League in three consecutive times because they were better than all the teams in Europe? Those of u defending that evil Anas should wake up and face realities. You guys know nothing in football so u better shut up!

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Just shut up on Mar 12, 2019 13:46
A proud gunner on Mar 12, 2019 10:11
U guys know nothing in football