How will you expose ‘bad’ people if you were in my shoes? – Anas asks critics

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Comment: Ghana the dishonest society

2019-05-22 02:33:32
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How will you expose ‘bad’ people if you were i

Ghana justice system need to be fixed. Those exposed by Anas have not , and will not be prosecuted because there is too much money involve. Those on this forum agitating against Anas are the very same people the justice system help cover up their criminal activities. Every Ghanaian is dishonest, disrespectful, corrupt, criminal minded, and can’t be trusted. A society with these mindset is bond to fail. There will be a change and it will be messy, to remove this cancerous tumor need to be surgically uprooted fro the base. Where we are now as a country and as society with low IQ is beyond mere redemption.The few honest people like Anas ,papa J ,etc will always be vilified.

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Kingsley on May 22, 2019 02:33
Ghana the dishonest society